The Ritual

It all starts with the ritual

Sitting round the table enjoying a special moment.

Food is part of our social and cultural identity, enjoyed with other people, in celebrations, having a good time, laughing and sharing

A time to offer hospitality and to share special moments with friends and guests. An occasion that brings us together to celebrate, to eat and drink and to put aside for a short while the daily routine.

Conversations springing up round the table; experiences shared which give us little insights into each other’s vibes and attitudes.

The details of these special occasions could awaken feelings, tastes, smells and textures that would never be forgotten.

Eating should be a unique experience.

culter cutlery

In the vanguard of innovation

Each new design is a challenge and has to project its own strength, personality and character.
Our commitment to the creation of unique pieces has been recognised by the award of important design industry prizes. Recognition that pushes us to continue experimenting with new and bold forms that can make a meal unique.

Xavier Pellicer

Designs to exalt and pay homage to the best cooking. The renowned chef Xavier Pellicer has chosen our Baobab, Edelweiss and Magnolia collections to accompany his exquisite dishes.