It all starts with the ritual

Sitting around the table and enjoying a special meal. A cultural and social identity shared through getting together, celebrating, having fun, chatting, laughing, sharing…

The ritual

The meal ritual is an occasion for showing hospitality and sharing important times with your friends and guests. This festivity is often associated with the activity of getting together to celebrate, to eat and drink together away from normal daily life.

All sorts of conversations happen around the table, sharing experiences and demonstrating reactions and behaviours.
On those more special occasions, effective rituals can awaken sensations, flavours, smells and textures that we find are still present. Eating should be a unique experience.

An essential object

Every detail around the table is part of a scene in which sensations, emotions and memories coexist, and where enduring memories are made. Collective habits with origins in ancient times.

In those times, fingers and hands were the real day-to-day cutlery and more refined utensils were only used for very special meals.

Adaptation to the domus (house) and abandoning the nomadic way of life allowed us to develop tools to increase comfort and make the actual action of eating more dignified in an attempt at sophistication.

Culter. Culture

Culter represents the culture of cutlery. A link between an essential object and ritual celebration. A way of perceiving the flavour of food and the cultural roots of a society. An element that helps us to enjoy food in order to awaken sensations and emphasize the symbolic value of the ritual.

Our cutlery enhances the importance of the place settings on our tables.

culter cutlery

Quality, design and experience define some of the values reflected in each one of our collections and steak knives.


38, Barcelona

A special occasion. The wooden table with everything prepared, taking care of the very last detail. And the cutlery, around the porcelain plates, reflects a ritual that has only just begun.

The warmth of the small patio lights allows us to enjoy a quiet and radiant night.

While the last of the guests who are always late are arriving, I put the last forks on the cloth serviettes. A gentle and subtle touch.

Everyone sits down and ask me how we are. We begin one of those long chats where I appreciate how the enthusiastic guests smile and feel comfortable.

In the background, I hear the subtle noise of the strong solid steel. I enjoy this sound so much, knowing that today is one of those special meals, where almost all of us are sitting around the table.


51, Seville

Like every year, the whole family is getting together in the town of Cantillana. These are special dates where we are all leading characters around a large table ready to eat.

It's that time where you enjoy being with your brothers or brothers-in-law that you don't see often and at the same time enjoy an exquisite meal with quality cutlery and plates that are saved for a special occasion.

Today, auntie has cooked a stuffed chicken that has reminded us all of that traditional dish that grandma used to cook.

Amidst the nostalgia of that memory, the cutlery and glasses reflect a time of festivity and radiant happiness.

We like this idea of sharing pleasant times around the table, with the warmth of the candles and the darkness of the night after a long after-dinner conversation.


45, Madrid

A mysterious encounter with our group of friends.

Among bottles of wine and glasses half-full, there is a feeling of excitement and extreme happiness. There is no more enthralling reason for happiness than our own friendship and celebrating like this, simply, with a big smile.

We’re all enjoying each other's company while savouring an authentic steak cooked by Gonzalo. He has always liked cooking, getting us all together and laying the table as if it were a big party. Cutlery with a radiant metallic tone and this designer tablecloth from a shop that has just opened in the suburb of Salamanca. Everything is always so well coordinated and fantastically perfect.

While inserting her fork into a piece of steak, Ana taps her steak knife three times on her glass full of water. A profound silence and a great happy toast. We all celebrate. Ana is pregnant again.